Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Update

Time for some more dumb pictures!
(above: The City Museum, St. Louis)

Pizzelles are a Christmas tradition in the Brame household.

The Prayer Shawl You Prayed For!

If you forget your bowtie on a Tuesday, sometimes your students will make you a replacement.

The City Museum, St. Louis

The City Museum, St. Louis

Chuck Berry. Yes, that Chuck Berry

The City Museum, St. Louis

Storm Shadow


With Moshe

With Emerson 
Graffiti in my Sappho book

My son was playing on this contraption before he gave up, telling me "You can't play sharps on that."

Teaching "The Wife of Bath's Tale" 

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  1. Love these. But aren't all records vinyl? I can't remember. I think I still have a stack in the basement somewhere.....