Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Neil Young, Musician

Today is the birthday of Neil Young

Neil Young turns 68 today. I got into Young relatively late, and am only familiar with a fragment of his vasty discography. Below is a look at my most-played Neil Young tracks, according to my iTunes. (This does not take into account the many times I spun "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"--one of my favorite songs of them all--on my mom's old After the Gold Rush LP.)

I've come to love most of these songs because of my friends' reccommendations. What are your favorite Neil Young songs?

(Additionally, I must say I love listening to "Down By The River" when I'm on a long jog. The tempo is just right to keep a ten-minute mile pace, and when you're on a run is the only time you want to get way, way deep into the long solos and dark lyrics. Awesome.)


  1. **friends' reccommendations**

    excuse me. really? your friends? or your brother?

  2. Don't Let it Bring you Down - live version on Massey Hall (1971) is nice.