Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let's Talk About Crafting!

Let's take a pause from obsessing about books and music and talk about quilting.  This is definitely as crafty as this blog is ever going to get.
Christmas is over, and I now get the chance to brag about my wife and the amazing presents she made.  She decided sometime this summer to make quilts for all of our family members, and was not at all daunted by the small truth that she had never quilted before.  She taught herself how to do it (often listening to quilting podcasts or watching quilting videos while actually doing her quilting), and made these wonderful blankets that I present to you now.

(No, not Quilty.  I'm talking about quilting.  You are on the right blog, I promise.)

Renee designed the graphic you see above, with the tree and the family name above the year of their wedding, and ordered it on specially-made fabric from  Her next step was to choose the rest of the fabric to suit the personality of the family members.  Then she did a whole mess of sewing, binding, stitching, and quilting late into the night.  Consequently, I was able to enjoy whatever baseball, football, hockey, or basketball game I was watching on TV without having to stress about doing any shopping.  

And it was all done without the help of Wal-Mart!  Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Look at these quilts!  You want to make her an offer on one, don't you?  Well, don't you?
And that's the end of my crafty blog.  I suggest you all pin it or do whatever you do with these posts and we'll get back to books next time.  

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