Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Students Made Board Games Based on the Odyssey

Instead of giving a final test, I asked my students to make board games based on the Odyssey

Creating a board game for the Odyssey is not an original idea; lots of teachers have assigned this to their classes and shared their lesson plans on the internet.  I decided to try it in my class, and the results were pretty great.

I gave each of my students a pizza box that I got a restaurant supply store, and they had to do the rest.  They came up with the board, wrote out the instructions, created the game pieces (I call dibs on the Medusa head), wrote twenty-five questions based on the epic, and provided a die (if necessary.)

Here is the assignment as I gave it to my students, and here is a helpful site with a rubric that I gave them.

And here are a few pictures for you.  Epic fun!



  1. When Milton Bradley calls...

  2. I love this idea! However, the link to your assignment doesn't work. Is there an updated link or could you maybe email the assignment to me? Thanks!

    1. Hey, Caitlin. Sorry about the broken link--very bad form, I know. Try this one instead: Thanks for you interest, and happy sailing.