Thursday, July 5, 2012

True Confessions from a Guy Who Has Never Read "Pride and Prejudice"

After reading Crime and Punishment, I have this nagging sense that I need to make a confession.  So here's a confession: I've never read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  I'm baring my soul over here.
I ordered this lovely annotated version by David. M. Shapard, and I'm ready to get into it.  However, I've had a nasty run-in with Jane Austen before and it didn't end well.  So, to avoid the problems I had with reading Persuasion, I am preemptively covering the novel with the manliest stickers five dollars could buy.  

I am hereby ready to read Pride and Prejudice.  Let's do it.

My new cover.

The back cover.

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  1. I have a straight male friend, also a teacher, who drives through life with "I'd rather be reading Jane Austen" stuck on the bumper of his car. He does live in the Bay Area where such things may be more accepted.