Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Son's First Big-League Game: A Photo Essay

Ever since I learned I was going to be the father to a son, I've been looking forward to the day that I got to take him to his first major league baseball game.  That day turned out to be Thursday, July 5th, when the Marlins visited the Brewers at Miller Park in Milwaukee.  

Thursday, July 5th was the hottest day I have ever experienced in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  At the time of the first pitch, the thermometer registered 101 degrees.  Yes, that's Fahrenheit, and no, that's not the heat index.  One hundred and one in the shade, my man.

Our seats were not in the shade, but they were awesome!  Right down the third base line just past the bag and maybe fifteen rows up--prime foul-ball territory.  Unfortunately, the sun was bearing down on us, and we were sweating uncontrollably.  The seats were so hot that when I put my son down on his, he screamed.  

So, no big deal.  We moved up to the upper deck, under the shade, and watched the rest of the game.  It was a beauty, with two starting pitchers throwing lots of strikeouts, and it ended with a 4-0 victory by the Marlins.  Still, the heat was the story of the day, and we are left with these pictures.   Enjoy.

My son with his uncle Jason.  We could tell right there that this was going to be a hot one.

The heat got to him quick.

He was not in the mood to pose for photographs.
Getting his uncle Jason in the picture did not change things.

It wasn't all bad, though.  He did enjoy watching Bernie Brewer, and repeatedly stated that he wanted to go down the slide.  He eventually put on his cool new Brewers cap, and expressed interest in the racing sausages and the minivan that drives across the warning track every time there is a pitching change.

Ultimately, the heat was too much for us all.  We left in the eighth, with the Marlins holding onto a two-run lead.

He enjoyed the escalator ride downstairs.


  1. I love the fact that you're wearing a Pirates hat to a Brewers-Marlins game!

  2. You gotta represent the first-place Buccos!