Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's All Fun and Games Until a Tree Lands in Your Yard

In Memphis, we have thousands of beautiful old trees.  Oaks, maples, magnolias, poplars--we have them all.  We also have violent summer storms that pop up unpredictably.  You put those two things together, and you end up with results as pictured above.  That house you see is mine, though the tree, until very recently, belonged to someone else.

Yes, we're fortunate that it didn't damage the house.  Yes, we're fortunate that no one was hurt.  Yes, all of these things go without saying.  Nevertheless, the storm, falling tree, and power outages were all a major annoyance to my family and myself, and consumed the first week of my summer break, which I would rather have spent reading Crime and Punishment as I had planned.

Here are pictures of the clean-up, which was accomplished with the help of my brother, my father, my father's new chainsaw, and my awesome friends Frank, Chris, and The Chubby Vegetarian.  No insurance representatives were inconvenienced by this mishap.  Thanks, fellas.

The view from across the street.

Can you guess which house is mine?

The city took care of the part of the tree that was in the street or on the sidewalk.  The rest was up to us.

This gentleman chopped up the big trunk.  Thanks!

My brother and father were awesome and helped clear all of the mess out of my yard.  Notice my damaged crepe myrtles in the background.

Want to see more about Memphis storms?  The storm in 2003 that Memphians refer to as "Hurricane Elvis" has its own wikipedia page!  

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