Monday, November 7, 2011

Lou Barlow Likes Our Amplifiers

The Perfect Vessels opened for Sebadoh at the Hi-Tone on Saturday night.
My friends and I had the wonderful opportunity of playing on the same bill as Sebadoh this weekend.  It was the most fun I have had playing as a member of The Perfect Vessels, and I wish every show could be more like this one.  The sound was great, all of our friends were there, and Lou Barlow listened to our set and was seen smiling from time to time. 

(Lou Barlow, incidentally, is just a regular dude like you or me.  He was wearing a well-worn green polo and hung out behind the merch table while we were setting up.  He told us we liked our amps and afterwards said our set was "awesome."  No fooling.)

Sebadoh played a fun set, and it was a pleasure to bounce up and down to "Skull" and "Rebound" with my friends.  It felt just like 1996.

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