Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few Notes on my Favorite Used Bookstore

June 25 was Save a Bookstore Day or something like that, but I was busy and missed it.
Far be it from me to miss a made-up holiday that I saw on Facebook.  Still, I do have a favorite used bookstore that I like to support, and here I will say a few kind things about it.

My favorite used bookstore is Xanadu Music and Books on Central Avenue, just down from the always-tasty Central BBQ.  Xanadu might not be as hip or trendy as Burke's Books (which is also a fine bookstore), but I prefer it.  Xanadu is crowded, dark, and usually empty--just what you want in a used bookstore.

This establishment may be better known for the cigar-box guitars that John Lowe makes and sells there, but I don't really have time for that.  I'm more interested in the shelves, which always have just the book you've always meant to read, but never gotten around to.  

Xanadu is great, and it's cheap, too!  Beverly will do her best to save you a couple of bucks, too, but you'd better bring cash--Xanadu ain't got no point-of-sale machine.

Meet Beverly, who is usually in better focus than this.


  1. Well, you know that's the bookstore for me. Looks like the building was once a small diner, yes?

  2. Most of the businesses in this part of Memphis crammed into old homes. This place would fit into one of the many barns we saw up there in CT.

    Off to the P.O, to mail off the packages for the winners! Sorry it took so long.