Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Which Bill Nye the Science Guy Gives Me A Free iPod

Photo by Ed Schipul

For the last activities of the year, my colleagues and I are attending a professional development conference hosted by The Martin Institute.  The keynote speaker yesterday was Bill Nye, who delivered an inspiring and hilarious address that ranged from the color of the sky on Mars to the fundamentals of building sundials.

After the speech, the Martin Institute gave out door prizes, and Bill Nye insisted on hanging around to help distribute them.  And would you know it--they called my name, and I got to go to the stage and accept an iPod from Bill Nye.  Now I can check my email and play Angry Birds.


  1. So cool! I used to watch Bill Nye all the time when I was younger.
    My Mom recently went to a workshop hosted by The Martin Institute. She said it was pretty neat. Sounds like a fun day. She was on the committee that chose Bill Nye to speak. She was the SAA rep.