Friday, April 8, 2011


The storms that hurtle through Memphis are not to be toyed with.  Above is the damage my back patio incurred this Monday when we got an early dose of summer storms.  I feel lucky.
My neighborhood got hit with an early summer storm on Monday.  My house got a black eye, but many on my street were crushed or pinned down by the huge elms that hang above our homes.  While I was cleaning up the debris I noticed the news copter circling over my head a dozen times, getting views of the destruction for the five-o'clock news.  

I took this from the yard of my neighbor across the street.  That's part of my back patio in the foreground.  My house is in the background.
The most inconvenient part of my near-brush with destruction was the fact that my power was out from Monday at noon until late Wednesday night.  This has caused a major disruption in my reading!  I'm half way through A Visit From the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan, but my three nights without light have kept me from getting on with it!  

I'll finish cleaning up tomorrow, catch my breath, and get back to the books.

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