Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today is Opening Day

Today is Opening Day, one of the grandest days of the year.  Unless you're a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, that is.  Opening Day is still fun and all, but it's just the first day of another disappointing, heartbreaking season.  So here is the lesson for all Pirates fans this year: "Have fun, but not hope."  Allow the following poem to elucidate...

(On October 14, 1987, Robin Rule watched her San Francisco Giants lose to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Championship Series.  The final score was 0-6.  Funny enough, this was five years to the day before the Pittsburgh Pirates lost that game.  They have been terrible ever since.)

St. Louis Blues
by Robin Rule

Luke signals from the mound

"Baseball as the metaphor for Life..."

Right now it's a shutout         flied out
                          double played out
The June Swoon Giants
went all the way to the playoffs
                                and lost

This year I gave up existentialism
for the boys in September
in August I was saying
It's a fluke, it won't last no no
No hope       so drink beer     watch the games
have fun but not hope       HAVE FUN!!

In September
I was trembling with excitement
sweating passion Shouting
Go Candy       Go Chili
and ol' Correctional Institution Face yea!

Now October 14, 1987
angst-eyed shaky hands opening beers
lighting cigaret after cigaret
sighing slurring insisting
"Do not go gentle into this good night"



  1. Redbirds home opener is tomorrow (Thursday). I think....

  2. Maybe we should shift our baseball focus to the birds.

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