Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Literary Characters That Got Screwed by The Man

Don't let this happen to you.

Literary Characters that Got Screwed by the Man

Hester Prynne, Joseph K, Billy Budd, too.
Boxer the horse, who got turned into glue.
The three Loman men—Willy, Happy, and Biff.
And Big Brother took care of dim Winston Smith.

Rosasharn, Tom, and the rest of the Joads
got pinched by the Bank and kicked out on the road.
Achebe’s Okonkwo, Dickens’s Nell,
The Invisible Man (that’s Ellison, not Wells.)

The Man finally caught up with Raskolnikov,
and grumpy Prometheus’s still bound to the rock.
Antigone fought it, as did Caliban
But they proved you can’t help getting screwed by the Man.


  1. Is this yours? I love it. I just want to add Jean Val Jean and Shylock. I think Val Jean is one word.

  2. Yes, I wrote this during class yesterday. I thought about Les Mis, but nothing rhymes with "Valjean"!

  3. ha you should see the poems i write in class. not this good!


  4. I protest Dewey Dell being removed from this poem! Valjean rhymes with Demon's Spawn. Helpful?