Monday, February 21, 2011

Cheer Up--It's Paul McCartney

I had a rough week last week, so I spent a lot of time listening to Paul from his 1970-1974, I can wear whatever haircut I bloody well please period.

Yeah, this week was not a good one.  Work was just--ugh.  Work was the worst.  And then the boy got sick, and then I got sick, and then the Penguins lost in a shootout against the Blackhawks.  These songs got me through the week.  

“Heart of the Country”
This is why FM radio existed in the first place.
“Singalong Junk”
A string quartet played this song as my wife walked down the aisle.  I guess I have a soft spot for it.
“Every Night”
As long as Paul is going to be solo, he should stick to playing all the instruments.
“Dear Boy”
Many Paul fans you meet aren’t familiar with this song.  Those are not true Paul fans.
“Silly Love Songs”
The equivalent of John’s “Oh, Yoko!”  Is it possible to love a song so baldly sentimental?  Of course it is.

1. "Heart of the Country"

2. "Singalong Junk"

3. "Every Night"

4. "Dear Boy"

5. "Silly Love Songs"


  1. yeah, we'll see how the 4-day week goes. hmmm, those are rougher than the 5 in a rows sometimes. anyway, hope this one is better for y'all!


  2. Love all of these songs. Now that the boy knows the words to Heart of the Country, you should teach him the rest of them and then have a recording extravaganza.