Monday, January 3, 2011

D.H. Lawrence versus Keith Richards

I was about a third of the way through Lady Chatterly's Lover when I got a copy of Keith Richards's new biography, Life.  Which controversial Englishman was going to win my attention?
In one corner, we have D.H. Lawrence from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire (1885-1930).  In the other corner, Keith Richards from Dartford, Kent (1943-    )

Here's how the two foes match up:

Working class cred
Son of miner
Son of factory worker
Most important Influences
Sigmund Freud, Anton Chekov
Illicit Affair
Ran away with professor’s wife
Controversial Work
Lady Chatterly’s Lover
Some Girls"
Location of self-exile
South of France
South of France
Falsely accused of…
…spying against Germany
…having complete blood transfusion
Legal counsel 
Charles Rembar
Charles Rembar
Unlikely site of final home.
Taos, New Mexico
Weston, Connecticut
Died of
N/A (invincibility still not disproven)

And the winner is: Keith Richards, naturally.   Down went Lady Chatterly's Lover, up came Life.  Even my son got into it (after putting Wonderpets stickers all over the front cover.)

But that isn't all of the reading I did over Christmas break.  I also completed Driving Mr. Albert, by Michael Paterniti.  It was one of the few books that I included on my students' reading list for Christmas Break that I had not actually read.  So I read it.  Final judgement: meh.

 I also picked up Literary Trivia, by Richard Lederer and Michael Gilleland, and tortured my family members by forcing them to ask me questions.  Quick!  Which Ray Bradbury title includes an herb, flower, fruit, vegetable, or plant?  Of course!

Finally, I also got through quite a bit of Movers and Shakers of Medieval England, which I picked up at Square Books in Oxford (more on my trip to Mississippi in a later post.)  It's sad to realize how much I have let slip from my study of Medieval culture this summer.  But my favorite thing about this slim volume was that my son identified the knight on the front cover as a "wobot."  I did a search on google images of knights and showed some pictures to him--"wobots" all.

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  1. WOBOT! People thought Keith had a complete blood transfusion? Wow. He doesn't need a transfusion. He needs a transplant (liver).