Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock 'N Romp Recap

I played the Rock 'N Romp with The Perfect Vessels this weekend.  Judging by the response of the under-three set, it was a huge success.

The Perfect Vessels' smallest fans.

A Rock 'N Romp is a combination rock and roll show and kiddie party.  We have one every month here in Memphis, and they are great opportunities for people my age with small children to get together, let the kids run around, and listen to some good music all at the same time.  Plus there's free barbecue and beer, so what's not to like?

As I have mentioned on this blog previously, I have been sitting in with The Perfect Vessels in the past few weeks, and I was happy to get to play this show.  It's an uncommon thrill to play music while your son runs around in circles in front of you, shouting, "Go! Go!  Go!"  And I got to play guitar, too!

Go! Go! Go!

 We shared the bill with Bake Sale and Harlan T. Bobo.  If you're not already listening to Harlan T. Bobo, it's really time you started.

The Perfect Vessels

Harlan T. Bobo

Photo courtesy of Jamie Harmon

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