Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playing at the Buccaneer

This weekend I played another show with the Perfect Vessels at the Buccaneer.

I used to frequent The Buccaneer when I was a student at Rhodes.  There was nothing like checking out of a sunny Memphis afternoon for a vinyl barstool in this darkest of dark bars.  Entering the Buccaneer during the day was sort of like the Allegory of the Cave in reverse.  Who needs enlightenment when you've got Pabst on draft and college football on the television?  Didja ever think of that, Plato?

The Buccaneer was my spot when I was twenty years old.  Actually, the Buccanner was my spot because I was twenty years old.  The bartenders weren't so attentive about carding us Rhodes students back then, especially when we were the only patrons in the joint.  That was back in the mid-1990s, but little has changed about the Buccaneer since I used to drop in between poetry workshop and astronomy lab.  It's still just as smoky and dark, and that wood paneling hasn't gone anywhere.

The Perfect Vessels played a tidy little set in support of Good Luck Dark Star.  Brett from Dark Star allowed me to play his Fender Rhodes, which was a distinct thrill after my recent, reluctant change to digital keyboards.  The Rhodes sounded lovely, dark, and deep, and I now know that I must get my old gear into working order.

It was fun to play a fun set, listen to a good band, and knock back a few while Carrie played out on the televisions behind the bar.  I'm thirty three as I write this, but I hope I'm never too old for the Buccaneer.

Brett's Fender Rhodes

Good Luck Dark Star

Good Luck Dark Star

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