Friday, October 22, 2010

The Perfect Vessels CD Release Show!

The Perfect Vessels recorded a great album, and it's coming out this weekend.

The band is playing at the Hi-Tone on Saturday night, with the Subteens and Tiger Mountain, and the guys have asked me to sit in with them on piano and banjo.  

You can learn everything you might want to know about the perfect vessels on their website, here.  There is an award-winning video for "The Sun Never Goes," as well as songs from the album that you stream and all the pictures you could want to see.

The guys in the Perfect Vessels are some of my oldest friends, and I was happy when they asked me to come into the studio and help them out.  They recorded this album, Name Our Own Stars, at Easley-McCain studios, which you probably know about if you have bought an album since 1990.

Practicing with the guys over the past few months, I have remembered how thrilling it can be to work with a live band, setting levels, carting equipment, getting your part just right.  Now the album is out, and there's publicity, radio spots, and record reviews.

Almost nothing beats recording, making music, and spending time with your best buddies.  This is a fantastic album, and I'm grateful to be part of it.

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