Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Here Comin', Thomas!"

My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine.  He really, really loves him.  And this weekend, he got to travel to Nashville to take a ride on him.

When Thomas the Tank Engine comes on TV, life stands still for my son.  His eyes go wide and he points straight at the screen and says: 

"Here comin', Thomas!"

What does this mean?  "Here comes Thomas"?  "Here I come, Thomas"?  I don't know. 

This weekend, our little Paisan got to go to Nashville with his mother, his grandmother, and his aunt, to visit the Tennessee Central Railway Museum and actually ride on Thomas.  Imagine that--getting to meet something that you'd only ever known as a work of art, a character in a book, an image flickering on a screen.  The only equivalent I can think of is if I got to go to Nashville and have a date with Boticelli's Venus.  

Here are some pictures Renee took of his encounter with his hero.

Look at the awe in this kid's eyes.  While you're at it, look at the awe in the eyes of the kid behind him.

Here he is, unable to take his eyes off of Thomas.

Still staring at Thomas.

Riding in Thomas, while holding a Thomas toy in his lap and pointing at a nearby train.

Thanks, Thomas.


  1. I took Braden to see Thomas at the same station when he was two. It's better than the first encounter with Santa!

    I want to meet Arthur Robinson from "St. Robinson and his Cadillac Dream" by the Counting Crows. That would be interesting (especially if he is actually Adam Duritz)!