Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Celebrating 7.33 Years of Marriage

This weekend, Renee and I celebrated our anniversary.  Sort of.

Our anniversary is in May.  Whacking Day, to be exact.  This May, Renee found a great coupon for a night at the Hunt Phelan Home on groupon, and she jumped on it.  We were going to take a weekend to celebrate our anniversary in style, but we never got around to it.  And recently, she noticed that our coupon was about to expire.  Yikes!

So, this weekend we spent the night at the Hunt Phelan Inn and had dinner  at the Hunt Phelan restaurant.  If you are a Memphian and you've never been down there, you truly are missing out.  It's located at 533 Beale, just a few blocks east of the throng of tourists and the Fed Ex Forum.

The mansion at the center of the estate was built with slave labor in 1828.  During the Civil War, it was first the headquarters of Confederate general Leonidas Polk, who stayed here while he planned the battle of Corinth, Mississippi.  After the fall of Memphis, in the summer of 1862, it was occupied by Union forces and was home to none other than U.S. Grant.  Grant planned the battle of Vicksburg, the very event that broke the back of the South and hastened the death of Dixie, from the home's library.  After the Civil War, it passed from owner to owner and fell into neglect until the end of the 20th century, when it was carefully restored and turned into an inn.

The weekend was wonderful, and we have a new spot to visit net time we have out-of-town guests and a little bit of cash to burn through.