Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend in New York Part 2: The Mets

We didn't just view thousand-year-old artwork during our brief trip to New York; we also saw the Mets.

Well, let's not simplify it too much.   First, Renee and I had a wonderful dinner with our dear friend Audrey at her apartment in Brooklyn.  She made us scallops with asparagus, let us play with her iPod, and showed us the faraway but nevertheless striking view of the Statue of Liberty from her dining room window. At the end of the night, we got to meet her fiance Will, who works harder than you or I do.

I did not get a picture of Audrey during our dinner, so I'm going to post this ten-year old picture of the two of us.  She looks the exact same.

On Saturday, we went to SoHo so that Renee could shop for yarn.  I founnd a bar on Grand Street, drank beer, and watched the consolation game of the World Cup.  Afterwards, we had a lovely meal at Lucky Strike.

On Sunday we went to see the Mets play the Braves in the last game before the All-Star break.  It was  great fun to take the train through Queens and out to Citi Field (also known as "Tax-Payer Park"), and I was delighted to snap a picture of Renee in front of the apple from old Shea Stadium, but it was not until I entered the gates and the turnstile boy handed me a Jason Bay bobblehead that I knew that it was going to be a great day.

The good luck didn't stop there!  Attribute it to my poor research if you will, but I didn't even realize that we were going to see Johann Santana start until a few moments before the national anthem started.  But then he came out and started throwing sliders!  Bonus!  He gave up zero runs and five hits over seven innings of excellent baseball.

We were in section 515, in the absolute last row you could possibly sit in and still be in the park.  There was a chain-link fence behind us, which I grabbed hold of whenever I felt vertiginous.   Nonetheless, we had a fantastic view of the field.  We were even in the shade.

(If you have never been to Citi Field, you might not realize that commercial jets are constantly in the air, either landing or taking off at La Guardia.  During most of the game, they were flying in from right field to left to land, at a rate that I timed at once every 80 seconds.  Later in the game, the winds must have switched because all of the incoming planes stopped and then they started taking off past left field and climbing towards right.  It was much noisier then, with their jet engines whining right above the playing field.)

The Mets ended up winning 3-0, thanks largely to their stud rookie, Ike Davis.  Not only did he go 2-3, including the game's only home run, but he added spark and hustle to the defense.  That guy is just  a fun player to watch, and I hope the second half of his rookie season is as, well, fortuitous as his first.

  Here are two more pictures, both of which feature me.


  1. Lucky Strike was the greatest meal I have had in years. Years!

  2. As always, beautiful photo captures the joy and spirit of the moment. So glad you two made this summer so full of fun and learning.