Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Wish Granted

I’m not good at winning things.  In fact, the last time I genuinely won an individual award was in 9th grade, when I was nominated to the All-Star team for my rec baseball team in the Germantown Youth Athletic Association. 

That changed on April first, when I learned that I had won a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities that will allow me to study at Yale University for six weeks.

I applied for this grant on the first of March, and spent the entire month fidgeting, stewing, and nervously imagining how excited I would be to win, and how devastated I would feel if I had lost. 

But I won!  Consequently, in late June, I will make the nineteen-hour drive from Memphis to New Haven, Connecticut, check into a dorm, and spend a month and a half studying The Canterbury Tales with Dr. Lee Patterson, who has written a shelf-full of books on the topic.  I imagine road trips to Fenway Park in Boston, to the art museums and restaurants of New York, and driving around New England with my wife and son, who will visit me for part of the summer.

It’s going to be an exciting summer, and I will continue to blog while I am at Yale.  I hope you will be reading and staying in touch with me through comments.    

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  1. Aaron - congrats on this. it sounds like it's going to be an amazing time. Enjoy it!